Miitopia Fanon Wiki
Europe Name Park
Japanese Name 公園 Kōen
Type Safe zone
Multiplayer arrival
Location Haven
Events WIP
How to Unlock
Have a Mii to become friends with another Mii.

It Lied is a Miitopia and Tomodachi Life crossover.

The park is an unlockable area in It Lied. It is founded in Haven, monsters can't get you here.


The park is mainly a grassy field with a dirt path which winds around the outside of the park. It is surrounded by trees and the path is illuminated by lamp posts at night. The path leads into a further forest. There is also a mound of grass near the top. This mound is surrounded by a fence with a gap allowing stone steps to lead to the top. On top of the mound is a wooden bench that rests under a large tree.


When the player unlocks the ability to use multiplayer, a new path opens up at the Park. This allows for other players from islands all over the world to come to your island. Through connecting to the internet, you can communicate by using the chat feature as well as battle together, interact and much more.


  • Miis can interact with the outdoor gifts you have given them.
  • Relaxing on the bench.
  • Miis can have picnics which will restore their health.
  • Restocking their bag using the local supplies.
  • They can also jog along the dirt path.
  • Miis can set up a day to meet here to make friends, confess love, or break up...