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Pixel Shroom (Blocktopia Version II)

The Pixel Shroom (ピクセルシャロー Pikuserusharō; Pixel shallow) is a Brand New Enemy found in the Pixelated Labyrinth in Level 40-50 Quests Only.


It is a Pixelated Green Mushroom.


Action Name Description
Attack Headbutts a Mii for Physical Damage. It can Also Heal them for Double the Damage they Usualy Take.
Hype Face If a Mii falls for this, they will become Hyper and do more Damage. The Downsie is that you can only Select a Limited Amount of Moves. This also makes the Normal Attack heal you every time instead of Hurting you.

Enemy Statistics

HP Attack Defense Magic Speed Location Encountered
2117 120 162 0 162 Pixelated Labyrinth (Hard Quests)


I wanted to Created some Pixelated Enemies specifically for the Pixelated Labryrinth Area.


  • The Enemies Design is an Obvious Refrence to the 1-UP Mushroom found in Every Mario Game.
  • The Number of HP is Actually UP but in Numbers and Added by 1. This is a funny reference to the 1-UP Mushroom.