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Profile Painting is a character in Miitopia: Mysteries of the Cave and Miitopia Warriors.


After all levels are completed in Mysterious Cave, a path will appear to the final level of the DLC pack.

  • Protagonist: What's here?
  • Teammate: Doesn't seem like anything. Let's head back.


  • Teammate: Did'ya hear that?

*painting falls on party*

  • Protagonist: Wh-who are you?
  • Painting: I am the ancient painting princess, Paige. I have a mission to kill you. The Dark Lords told me.
  • Protagonist What!

*Battle begins*

As an Enemy

Action name Description
Attack Whacks a Mii with its Urðr, spraying musical notes that may inflict the 'dancing' status effect.
Scorching Breath Breathes Fire at the party, damaging all allies.
Quake Hits the ground with a corner, dealing spikes to the party.
Blazing Urðr Has a 99% Chance of making a Mii dance and deals damage to adjacent party members.
Fascinate A Mii that is about to attack may get distracted at this monster, causing this enemy to counterattack in return.
Requiem Has a 50% Chance of making all Miis be inflicted with the 'Dancing' status effect
Great Laser Fires a laser at the whole party, dealing magic damage.
Disable Has a 30% Chance of disabling the Safe Spot for a turn.
Curtains For You At 50% HP, Paige will deal enough damage to drop each ally's HP to 1. Also has a 50% Chance of disabling HP or MP sprinkles.
Two More Times! Attacks three times per turn.
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