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Inside of the v3 x miitopia crossover, you can make anyone of the 10 people available to become the protagonist and get the hopeful personality. However, it will warn you of which personality hopeful replaces.

The protagonist choice IS:

Kokichi Oma {Original Personality- Cautious}

Shuichi Saihara {Original Personality- Cool}

Kaede Akamatsu {Original Personality- Kind}

Rantaro Amami {Original Personality- Energetic}

Kaito Momota {Original Personality- Airheaded}

Himiko Yumeno {Original Personality- Laid-back}

Tenko Chabashira {Original Personality- Energetic}

Angie Yonaga {Original Personality- Airheaded}

Ryoma Hoshi {Original Personality- Stubborn}

and finally, Maki harukawa {Original personality- Cautious}

Depending on which person you choose depends on who appears when.

Example- Selecting Shuichi would make the first teammate Kaede, but Selecting Kaede would make the first teammate Maki.

All of their classes are auto-assigned. but I'll say the protagonist classes and say the teammate classes somewhere else, okay?

Kokichi as Protagonist- Mage to Imp to Cat

Shuichi as Protagonist- Warrior to Mage to Tank

Kaede as Protagonist- Cleric to Cat to Princess

Rantaro as Protagonist- Thief to scientist to flower

Kaito as Protagonist- Pop star {Male} to Cat to Warrior

Himiko as Protagonist- Pop Star {Female} to Cleric to Mage

Tenko as Protagonist- Warrior to cat to Scientist

Angie as Protagonist- Cleric to Imp to Flower

Ryoma as Protagonist- Chef to Warrior to Cat

Maki as Protagonist- Theif to Mage to Warrior

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment!