The Pyrodrone is a robot fanon monster with two versions, a 'normal' V1 form and a 'boss' V2 form.

Pyrodrones start to appear after finishing 10 Karkaton quests, with V1 rarely appearing in completed stages and V2 being able to appear as a quest boss.


Pyrodrones have crimson shells and bright white eyes. Their most distinctive feature is the large flames emanating from their backs in both forms.

V1 resembles a Brand-New Robot and V2 looks like a Robo-"Mii". V2 also has a second form resembling V1. The V1's eyes glow brightly.


Pyrodrones can use strong fiery attacks but noticably has a low Defense stat. It can inflict Burns, which deal 10% of a Mii's HP per turn and lasts for 4-5 turns.

Its attack skyrockets when nearly defeated, but its defense becomes less than even a Snurp.

It is best to defeat V2s in V1 form as it cannot Overclock until it recharges.

Actions (V1)

Action name Description
Smack Drives into a Mii for light damage.
Self-Destruct Used after 5 turns. The robot explodes, dealing heavy damage to all Miis. Deals 666 damage to adjacent enemies.

Actions (V2)

Action name Description
Flame Punch Punches a Mii with a fiery fist, dealing damage.
Fireball A fireball strikes a Mii for high damage and damages adjacent Miis, with a 20% chance to burn each Mii.
Target Targets three Miis with its lazer.
Crimson Lazer Fires a powerful crimson lazer at the target Miis, dealing high damage. Always burns Miis if it deals damage. Switches to charging form.
Ram Used when in charging form. Deals light damage to 2 random Miis.
Recharged! After 4 turns, switches to main form.
Overclock (auto, V2) When HP is less than 25%, Attack is raised to 300 but Defense becomes 0.

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