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"A quiet child who sits in the back of class and has no friends due to his boring face."

-Pretopia's Description

"Despised his face and cast it off, becoming cursed."

-Miitopia: Mango's Adventure's Description

"The Great Sage's apprentice and best friend. is said to have a dark past." -Miitwopia's Description

"A powerful mage who travels around the world with the Great Sage"

-Threetopia's Description



He is a minor NPC.


He is the main antagonist of Miitopia: Mango's Adventure.


The Reborn is a central character in Miitwopia, as he is the protagonist of that game.


He travels around the world alongside The Great Sage. He is a major character and gives a lot of lore.


Genesis is a nervous wreck a lot of the time, despite his efforts to improve. in fact, he's always either smiling or freaking out over some small thing. however, he does try very hard to make others happy and not to bring them down. he does not know much about society or social customs and enjoys learning about them. his personality is Cautious and Kind. His goal in life is to prove that even dark magic can be used to good ends.

Other Role Names

  • Quiet Kid (Pretopia)
  • Dark Curse (Miitopia: Mango's Adventure)
  • Reborn Sage (Threetopia)


  • In Miitwopia, he is one of the three characters that you cast as soon as you open the save file for the first time, due to being the protagonist of that game. the other two are the Great Sage and Great Hero.