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Shy Personality

Quirk:                       Description:
Run Away!                "Run away from the team, to an inn."
Hide                          "Hide behind a mii, not getting hit."
Alone                       "Disagree to share a room with a mii, being alone."
Nope..                      "Not attack for 2 turns."


Event                                                                                       Diolague

A Shy Mii giving a  prensent to another mii:                                    "Here, for you..."

A Shy Mii reciving a present:                                                           "Oh, thanks."

A Shy mii is Very Pleased with the present:                                   "Thank you very much!"

A Shy Mii is Kind Of Happy with the present:                                 "Its quite nice."
A Shy Mii Isn't Very Happy with the present:                                "What? Um, I'm confused..."
A Shy Mii Pretty Much Hates the present:                                      "Escuse me, could you return this?"
A Shy Mii singing:                                                                              "Dee, do daaaa, dum de dum de doo"
A Shy Mii joins in with singing:                                                           "Dee, daaaaaa, loooo!"
A Shy Miis diolauge at the start of exploration:                                  "Alrighty!"
A Shy Mii stuck inside a mii-eating monster:                                      "Help?"
A Shy Mii out of a mii-eating monster:                                                "Phew!"
A Shy Mii running away quirk:                                                             "Agh!! Too scared...."
A Shy Mii hiding quirk:                                                                         "Looks a bit scary out there..."
A Shy Mii's nope... quirk:                                                                      "Nope.. not sure I want to."
A Shy Miii defeated:                                                                               "Ow, that hurt.."                                                  
A Shy Mii's friend defeated:                                                                     "Aww, 'Mii's Name'!" Starts Crying

A Shy Mii when Selected: "Hope its not too scary..."

A Shy Mii when not seleted: "Can I come?"