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Sinister Imp is a fan-made monster that appears in Level-Up Dimension.


It appears to be a completely black (with light blue shading) Naughty Imp, as shown with its weapon, a spear. A pair of Mii eyebrows, eyes, and a mouth are attached to its face.


Action name Description

Inflicts physical damage on one party member. Has a random chance of inflicting the "frozen" status.

Frozen Mii characters won't be able to take any action until the status wears off.

Darkness Dips the heart of one Mii in darkness, causing the Mii to become evil and thus possibly interfere with their teammates' attacks, causing resentment.
One More Time! (auto) Allows this monster to perform two actions in one turn, each aimed at a different target.

It shares the same actions and traits as a Naughty Imp, albeit with a random chance of freezing a Mii with its regular attack. The Naughty Imp will begin to gain more resistance to magic attacks the higher its level is. It's considered to be a relatively easier Level-Up Dimension monster to challenge due to its lower HP and simple battle actions (beware of the "frozen" and "evil" status, however). Not only that, the power-up system is much more generous during the battle against it, featuring Speed Points 1.5x to boost entire party's Speed for one level only, Five Moves to allow five free attacks unleashed by the leader Mii for one turn only, Disruption Guard to keep it from doing anything for a few turns, Mega Boost as an instant Praise effect on a random Mii, and Power Up to temporarily double attack damage. It still requires a well-invested team, however, as despite its low HP (for a Level-Up Dimension monster), its defensive stats can go so high it requires such party to deal with it.

Like all Level-Up Dimension monsters, there's a rare chance of a level skip after a level is cleared, the likeliness of it happening increasing the more party members are in a critical state (less than 25% of their max HP). In Sinister Imp's case, skips are no longer given if its level is 46 or above.