The Siren is an enemy which is a mix of I, Medusas and Mii traps.


The Siren looks like a I, Medusa except that it's tail and hair are blue and it's skin is teal. The Snakes on it's hair look like fish because of their fins.



The Siren is strong against the Cat, Imp, and Flower.


The Siren is weak against the Princess, Mermaid, and Pirate.


Action name Description
Attack Hits 1 Mii with it's fish-hair. 20% chance to do critical damage.
Sing Sings at the Team and has a 50% chance of making a Mii party (each), causing it unable to fight for a few turns.
Chomp It's Snake Hair bites one Mii, causing heavy damage. Has a 40% chance to Swallow the Mii, and the Mii would be spat out after a while or when the Siren Dies.
One More Time! (auto) Allows additional action at the same turn.
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