The Slick Reaper is a Reaper-type fanon monster created by Jewelraffe.


It sports a blue pompadour, grey tattered robes and a double-ended scythe. Its eyes are black and it shares eyebrows with the Terror Fiend.

When charging its ultimate attack, it holds its hands out and its scythe spins in front of it and will stop visually flinching.


Action name Description
Slice Slices 1 Mii with its scythe, dealing high damage.
Dark Heart Always dips 1 Mii's heart into darkness.
Jazz Out Attempts to make each Mii dance with a 25% chance.
Final Scythe When the Slick Reaper has only 500 HP left, it charges Final Scythe for 5 turns.
After 5th turn, deals 999 damage to the whole party, bypassing Shields.
Scythe (Auto) Counterattacks with Scythe if hit by magic.
Deals 999 damage to 1 Mii.
Once More! (Auto) Attacks twice per turn when HP is below 50%.

The main stratagy is to either avoid bringing any magic users or make sure they use no spells. To compensate, bring strong melee fighters like a Warrior or Cat.

When it is nearly dead, go all out and kill it before it can use Final Scythe. If anyone is still alive (through the Safe Spot and subsequent Vampire revivals), the Slick Reaper will recharge the attack.

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