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Smellysaur is a fan-made monster.


The Smellysaur is basically a light blue version (with teal spots) of the Stinkysaur. It's holding what appears to be a rotten garlic. Like the Stinkysaur, the garlic has a Mii nose. Unlike the Stinkysaur, however, Smellysaurs have their eyes covered up by Mii eyes.


Action name Description
Attack Inflicts damage on one party member.
Power Drain

Rolls forward and bites a party member. Shaves off 10% of his/her current HP (rounded down), so it ignores any status, no matter positive or negative, on said party member.

The monster never uses this on a target with 1 HP left.

Mega Block Demolish Uses its garlic to inflict damage on one party member and other party member(s) adjacent to him/her. If a party member is protected by Shield Sprinkles, this attack will bypass it (while still breaking it as usual).

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