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Snails are enemies in Fab Fairy Frolic.

Snails are incredibly slow but if they take damage or a Fairy gets close, then can defend themselves.

They first appear in Citrus Cave: Mouth.


Snails are orange snails with eyestalks. Their eyes are white and they have twisting red shells.


  • Snails move very slowly forwards.
  • If they're damaged or they spot a close fairy, they duck into their shell, nullifying damage. After 4 seconds, they duck out again. Then fairies then have a second to shoot it again.
  • It can be shot from behind, but hitting the shell instead of the eyestalks will do no damage and missing will cause it to turn around.
  • If the eyes are shot before it can duck, it will be stunned for a few seconds.

Their common drop is the Steamed Snails and has an uncommon chance of dropping a Steamed Snails ★. Due to their toughness, they have a higher drop chance.

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