The Snatcher Eye is an upgraded form of the Mimic Eye that actively changes shape in battle, as opposed to the Mimic Eye's one-time disguise.


The Snatcher Eye is a red spirit with two horns on its head and three tails.


After obtaining the Vampire Charm and Elf Charm, this enemy can appear:

  • During a L41-L49 Quest, a Snatcher Eye may appear as a boss.
  • During a L50 Quest, it may rarely appear as a normal enemy.


Snatcher Eyes will shapeshift into an enemy from the current Quest's enemy list (excluding Terror Fiends and the Boss).

  • It inherits the enemy's stats until it shapeshifts.
  • It also copies its skills, but not any auto abilities.
  • It will act immediately once after shifting.
  • If it loses 25% of its form's HP, it becomes its true form until it shifts again. Its real HP can only be depleted while it is exposed.

Actions (Spirit)

Action name Description
Shift After 2-4 turns in Spirit form, it shapeshifts into a new form.
Bump Bumps into and deals damage to 1 Mii. Has a 50% chance to cause Fear.
Shriek Shrieks at the party and has a 20% chance to sealing the skills of each Mii.

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