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The Elves' Plight (Japanese: エルフの窮状 Erufu no kyūjō) is a game pack made by SakuraMiitopia. This game is for the Nintendo Switch. It is a spin-off title for the original game Miitopia. It is rated 9+ for its rude humour, violence and fearful scenes.
We have used and credited pictures from Google, Miitopia Wiki and Animal Crossing Wiki.


The game is set in a completely different universe of Miitopia, however still appears similar. You start your journey off alone, as a fellow woodland elf, in Wayward Woods. However, suddenly a treacherous and sorrowful villain creeps out from the shadows that snatched the normality from elven residents and lure them to obey her evil deeds! You set off with a band of elvish heroes and adventure through worlds whilst saving numerous people with the power of your bow.


Changes and Similarities to the Original Miitopia

  • The default job is set to Elf, rather than having to choose it every time your team and normality get taken away.
  • Sprinkles reappear in this game, although they don't replenish as quickly as they would have done. Instead, you should ration them for when you need them.
  • Monsters are created when a villain takes their normality (and sometimes face) to merge into the monster.
  • Elves have a higher chance of disliking food, but when they do find a food that they really like, the stats will increase a lot more. They tend to mostly prefer some salad and sweet-based grub.
  • Status Effects from events and monsters appear more, because they are very emotional. This makes it difficult for them to attack properly and focus.
  • They use the same Elf equipment. However, they could be picky and dislike the item when it arrives and wanting to return it, or they could ask you to give them more money to buy sweets as well as the item.
  • MP Sweets return, but HP Bananas don't. They are replaced by Berries, which help recover a lot of different stats. These are rare but very helpful as quite a few new enemies can drain your stats that can't usually be taken, for example - Magic and Speed. MP Sweets now mainly just appear as sweets, although they still do recover MP but also make you faster during battles and exploration.
  • They hardly get into fights at all, nevertheless they can still squabble over some things and won't see eye to eye. They will still get along and cooperate in battle if their quarrel isn't too major.
  • All elves have the inability to get sick, although they can feel a little dizzy after they have eaten something they really hate or touching something dangerous. This makes them lose focus and become more prone to tricks.

Main Roles

Character Description
Main Hero Once a fellow elven dweller, then became a hero in order to save Miitopia from a new villain.
Backstabbing Friends A couple of blunt elves that used to be "friends" with the hero. Unfortunately, their true form was just a bunch of backstab. Never believed that they would become a hero.
Scholarly Fisherman A determined (but funny) intellectual that seems to know just about everything about skills. Knows boat facts, too.
Elven Princess Such royalty for an elf. She lives alone on a not-so-far away island. No one really knows her truly...
Fab Fairies A group of powerful fairy sisters that help along your side when you reach the world of the fey.
Banshee The miserable villain of the story. Uses their ability of inducement and enthral to the advantage of no-good.
Elvish Spirit The voice that is sealed within the Elven Charm. Although they are very shy and support the team, they love to crack jokes and play silly little pranks on them.

Feedback from community

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  • good work sakura and georgie
  • This fanon is incredible! Sakura and Georgie, I have a feeling this will become one of the most well known fanons in this wiki! just you watch it happen!