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Threetopia is the fourth installment of Miitopia: Seven Cursed Beings. It takes place after Miitwopia's best ending!


  • Threetopia-Sprinkles.png
    Rooted Sprinkles. These give the rooted effect, but this time you can use non physical moves (Like the archers Bow Bomb). It also increases defence, and still makes speed -100. Color is the same color as Oak Tree bark. You can only use it 5 times (once for each teammate)
  • Infatuated Sprinkles. Makes the mii have speed stat of 1000000 and always block the other mii who shared with Sprinkles with the first mii, and increases the first mii's defence by 10, even if its at max defence a mii at that job can have and always shows off for that one mii only, but if the enemy uses an attack and its speed stat is faster that the other mii, the first mii will be unable to guard. Color is Pastel Pink, and there are 10 each (2 for each person)
  • Charged Sprinkles. Hyper Sprinkles, but can only use the move Lightning, a non physical move. Color is Bright Yellow, and there are 5.
  • Sad Sprinkles. Decrease a MONSTERS Speed, Attack, Non Physical Attack, Defence and Non Physical Defence. Color is melancholy blue, and there are 5.
  • Poisoned Sprinkes. Poison a MONSTER and make them take 5 damage (10 for minibosses, and 20 for bosses) for 7 turns. 5 sprinkes total, and the color is purple.
  • Perfect Sprinkles. color is rainbow, and it gets rid of status conditions, and if it get srid of ones given by sprinkles it puts the sprinkles back. only 5.
  • Golden Sprinkles. Increases money, there are 100 and when you get to a new area you get 100 more. the color is golde n.


Chapter 1

A person (uncastable) named Delta opens a book and explains how the people of Miitwopia and Miitopia forgot monsters could ever reappear. Then, you cast your self and choose your job ( Sage, Pacifist, Miner, Time Traveler and Archer ) And explain to the player (4th Wall Break) You are the protector of Miitopia, Miitwopia and the newly discovered Threetopia (who nobody inhabits aside from a few, due to the monsters that people think are legends, but wanna play it safe). After accidentally destroying a fruit stand in Greenhorne trying to beat a robber, you are forced to live in Threetopia, and the mayor says if the legends are true, then its a death sentence and takes your powers and seals them in a mirror, that he throws underwater. After gathering berries and laying down for the night, a cutscene shows that the mirror falls on coral, cracks and its power is spread across the world, to Miitopia, Miitwopia, and Threetopia and 10 people will be given jobs that have been sealed in the mirror, and the job you chose is given to you.

Chapter 2

You wake up due to hearing a loud, explosion and realize you are your job. You go deeper into the island, fighting of 2 levels untill the 3rd, where before you enter you get to cast a teammate (and job) you fight the monster Treezilla. When you beat it, it joins your team (if it is sage, it will explain that it didn't make the explosion) and meet the Great Sage. He burns some of the tree's, and a clearing is made, to Melonhead Mountain.

Chapter 3

You travel up Melonhead Mountain, and meet Mii 3. On the peak of Melonhead Mountain, Melonhead Peak, you see living Melons and King Melon, who greets you. He tel'ls you that something is stealing the Light of Melonhead Mountain, a monster named Univa, along with a monster named Lorochi. King Melon's face is stolen, attacked to a monster named Palm Tree, and after you beat him, Lorochi shows up. He is forced to summon Univa, and you battle him.

Chapter 4.

At the Inn, you meet Mii 4, who shows you to way to Frog Valley.


Unlocked at the beginning of the game

  • Sage
  • Pacifist (Unlocked for Miis after you)
  • Miner
  • Time Traveler
  • Archer

Unlocked after Chapter 4

  • Feller
  • Surfer
  • Gamer

Unlocked after Chapter 8

  • Trash Collector
  • Guitar Player
  • Werewolf

Unlocked after Chapter 12

Unlocked after Chapter 16

Unlocked via charms

  • Superhero
  • Elemental.




Mii 2

Mii 3

Mii 4

Mii 5

Mii 6

Mii 7

Mii 8

Mii 9

Mii 10.

Great Sage

Ex-Dark Lord


King Melon

New Gameplay Mechanics

  • Miis in Threetopia will have Tomodachi Life-esque text-to-speech voices in story cutscenes. (during normal gameplay there's still the speech bubbles and the cheep chip choop sounds)
    • Songs