The Toxic Queen (Japanese: 有毒な女王 Toxic Queen) is an enemy which appears in Lotus Lake in the Realm of the Fey and Manor Macabre.

It appears more often at the Lake until the "Youngest Fab Fairy" Frog is defeated, then it only appears in the spot the boss used to be. Toxic Queens can also appear in Manor Macabre quests.


The Toxic Queen is completely purple and holds both its arms out. Its base drips poison constantly.

Its Mii parts are two eyebrows, eyes, a nose and a mouth.


The Toxic Queen inflicts Poison, removing HP every turn like the 'Spiders' effect at double potency.


Action name Description
Spike Stabs one Mii with her base.
Poison Mist Sprays damaging toxic mist over the whole party. 25% chance of inflicting Poison.
Poison Chaser Like a normal attack, but the Queen's spike is covered in purple mist. Deals double damage if the Mii is Poisoned.
Darkness Dips a Mii's heart in Darkness, causing the 'Evil' effect.
One More Time! (auto) The Toxic Queen can use two actions per turn.

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