Tropical Mii Traps are Mii Traps found in Galados Isle. They are a stronger form of the other Mii Traps.


Tropical Mii Traps have rainbow leaves with little balls on top with bright green lush leaves.

Their held Mii parts are two eyes, a nose and a mouth. Their mouth is always a smile.


Tropical Mii Traps actually have a priority on who it eats first; it always targets the Mii(s) with the most HP Bananas, meaning it will choose a Mii with 2 Bananas over a Mii with none. It doesn't eat the Bananas.

Action name Description
Smack Smacks a Mii with its leaves.
Eat Mii Eats a Mii, removing them from battle. The Mii Trap will become swollen.
Spit Out (auto) Spits out its eaten Mii after 4-5 turns or upon death.