The Tropical Mummy (Japanese: トロッピクルマミィ Tropical Mummy) is a fan made monster made by Fanofkinopio. They are encountered in Icy Island.

Defeating it relinquishes a pair of Mii eyes.


It is a Mummy-type monster with brown paper wrapped around it. It wears a teal shirt with six pink flowers on it. A light pink lei wraps around its neck and a purple flower with green leaves appears on its head. A pair of Mii eyes sits on its upper head.

Enemy statistics


Action name Description
Attack Bites a Mii, dealing damage.
Eat Weapon Snatches a Mii's weapon and eats it. Weaponless Miis cannot use skills, but can still attack and assist. After three turns or when the Mummy is defeated it will spit out the weapon back to its owner.

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