The Unlucky "Mii" Frog is a boss Frog that appears as bosses in Traveler Quests.


A massive, slouching frog with a white belly bearing its captive's face, which turns yellow when breathing in. The rest of it is solid gold and glimmers in battle.


Action name Description
Splash Jumps and causes a splash, hitting 1 Mii and adjacent Miis.
Inhale Sucks in lots of air into its belly. When used twice, the frog can use Bad Breath.
Bad Breath Unleashes a high-damage breath of stinky air. Empties the frog's belly.
One More Time! (auto) Allows two actions in one turn.
Unlucky (auto) Both the party and other enemies (except the frog) have a 50% chance of missing their attacks, with the message 'Jinxed by the frog!'