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I'm losing interest in Miitopia, therefore I am not continuing any of my fanons (but still take a look at them!). I'll be checking this wiki everyday for wiki-rule-breaching users, so I can check your message wall replies within 24 hours of when the message was sent.

What's the time in my area?

My local time is: 9:47PM AEDT, Thursday, May 12, 2022 (update)

Stuff I made

Check out me Fanon stuff right here!

You may use any of my monsters/grub etc. but do not claim it as your own work. The words: made by Fanofkinopio must be somewhere on the page, or something similar. Blocks will apply for not crediting someone else's work.


Action name Description
Attack Fanofkinopio runs into a Mii, dealing damage
Urðr Hits a Mii with its Urðr, insta-killing the Mii.
Laziness Fanofkinopio rests, healing all health
Azura is mah Waifu Fanofkinopio will call Azura who will sing "Lost in Thoughts All Alone", casting a curse on all Miis
Don't Break the Rules! Any user who breaks the rules on this wiki will be insta-killed by Fanofkinopio and blocked.
Stop Copying Other People! Anyone who copies another person's content blatantly (eg. "Brave Lady" to "Brave Lad" with almost the same content) may be disciplined.
Ten More Times! Allows to attack eleven times in a turn.

For those curious at my profile picture and the image on the right, IT IS NOT ANIME, it is a Paint.NET Mix of Performing Arts Azura and Toad (Mario). I WILL ACTUALLY BLOCK YOU INFINITELY IF YOU SAY IT'S ANIME

My confession

Spoiler Alert! Please don't click Expand...

Read the below message

I told you not to click Expand!


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