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Welcome to the shiny page of the jeweled giraffe, a 'Crat of both this wiki and Miitopia Wiki. Lemme know if you need help or just wanna say hi :D

My tenure of making fanon stuff has sadly ended since I've moved on to many other things and simply don't have time or a "reason" to really do it. If you reeeaaally wanna message me, I'll reply at some point 👀

Hello there! :D

Want to look at my fanon stuff? It's all right HERE. JR's Emblem.png

I have a nice collection of stuff going. Check them out! :P

You are free to use them as enemies in your fanons and tweak them, just don't be that guy and say you made them, pls. Thankies :D

Here is my Ultimate Enemy! And its equally epic theme!



They're here to eat your face. Ready?


A group of robots with elemental affinities and are based off the four main regions of Miitopia. Legends say that defeating all the V2s will unlock another, more feared enemy...


Jobs I've created. I'm not too good at that, so here's my jobs I've made.


Give your Miis some personality!

Fanon Navboxes

Miitopia: Fiend's Call

WarriorMageClericThiefCatChefPop StarImpScientistTankPrincessFlowerVampireElf

New Enemies

MedusaMagnetaursMimic EyeSnatcher EyeMetadroneVyrodroneMedidronePyrodroneCryodronePsydroneAncient GolemFinal Weapon
Shining Bosses
Shining ButterflyShining TwerkeyShining BansheeShining SpiderShining ArmorShining QueenShining Sage


Shining DishShining Dish ★Shining Dish ★★

Travelers Bounty
Wooden DragonPharaoh's Trap & Pharos IINeutron Star
Rainbow PuppetWisdom Spider • TBA
Golden DragonFrog of PlentyInfernal Hound • TBA
Cursed MummyWooden Dragon's RevengeHateful Banshee • TBA?
Fab Fairy Frolic

Youngest Fab FairyMiddle Fab FairyEldest Fab FairyMischievous Witch

Realm of the Fey
Elven Retreat
Training RangeRetreating South
Realm of the Fey (West)
Dewlit PathHeading West!The Long WalkSmelling Citrus!Trek to the Cave
Citrus Cave
Citrus Cave: MouthStepping StonesCitrus GorgeNarrow SqueezeEchoing CroaksCave's End

Forest GoblinPomTwerkeyApple JellySnailOrange ButterflyJuicy MoleLureshroomApple SlimeCitrustad
Mouthy TomatoPom PomMiiOwletBansheeHobgoblinDemon SpiderSummer BreezeCitrus GriffinPom Pom PomEyes-on-OrangeJuicy Frog


GrubStatus EffectsBowsNPCs

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