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His Snurpose (A Golden Snurp mid-jump, exposing its long legs.)

His Snurpose

It's me! Pigeon! Wassup?

My goal is to make monsters! Uh. F... For fun! I am TOTALLY not a Dark Curse and I am DEFINITELY not stealing Mii faces to use for said monsters. I promise.

I think my favorite Job is the Cat for its speed and high damage potential, though no Cat is complete without a Cleric. :)

What Are Ya Making?

My expertise is making Monsters! I love to make Monsters... They're an awesome part of the game!
Also, I am writing a game? Weird.

I make grub too! Stuff tastes yummy, yeah. And jobs! If they haven't been done before...

What I'm not so good at? Personalities. Such a fundamental part of the game, too... so don't expect to see any of that stuff from me!

Check HERE for all the stuff I've made so far.


  • make spinoff game :)
    • CONCEPT: bro what if octo expansion hahahahaha

Do it for her.