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Skill Learned MP Cost Description Elf Type
Dancing Arrow Lv. 1 5 "Shoot an enemy with an arrow that can cause chronic dance fever." Attack
Call Of The Forest Lv. 1 10 "Call for the harmony of the forest to hopefully revive a lost friend. (magic)" Healing
Forest Aegis Lv. 1 3 "Place a barrier in front of a friend to reduce all kinds of damage. (Magic)" Magic

Toby (Japanese: トビー Tobī) is an ordinary pet puppy who makes minor appearances in The Elves' Plight, during events. Its hinted by his owner that he dislikes squirrels and are too hard to catch.



Toby is a brown puppy with tan markings on his ears, forehead, muzzle, tail tip, and feet. Like all other puppies found throughout Miitopia, Toby has black bead eyes. His name is customisable but the default is Toby.


Toby used to be a simple family pet, owned by the first team member, until they chose to become a hero and fight alongside other elves. Toby wanted to come along to, but they only wanted him to be safe and sadly let him behind.

Soon enough, Toby found their location and began his role to lift the team's spirits when they were at their lowest. Unfortunately, one day Toby had gone missing. The Team set off to search for him but they had no luck. There was no trace of him!

It was only until they found him, alone on a street. His possessed form took hold of his owners face. His normality has been transferred to a monster, known as "Teammate" Woof-o'-the-Wisp. Once he and his owner were freed, he continued doing what he liked doing most, hanging out with the elves.


Once the party finds it, Elyssa chuckles but covers her laugh. They look confused but still attempt to give it to her.


Elyssa: Hahaha! What fools. I can't believe those silly elves are so prone to tricks!
The hero and team arrive back onto the island.
Hero: Uh... whatcha laughing at, your majesty?
Elyssa: Oh nothing much, just a funny bird passing by! Pffftt.. fools...
Hero: Okay! Anyway, we are back with the fruit! Take it, take it!
Elyssa: Oh, er. I decided I don't need it anymore. Perhaps you can just keep it.
Hero: But we took so long to find it!
Elyssa: You as a lower-life form should never speak to royalty like that! Begone from my island!
Hero: But-
Elyssa: -and while your at it perish that beasty water lurcher too!
Elyssa kicks out the Elves, ridding them from the island.


  • She was secretly working with the evil to create a monster during the first world.
  • She was originally going to be poisoned.

Once the party find it, you return to her island only to find her propped up in a chair, poisoned. The Elvish Spirit reveals that it was probably the odd liquid she was drinking, secretly filled with a dangerous poison to drain her health and normality.