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Attacks Description
Attack Skill An offensive skill from a random job.
Call for help Calls for help, allies appear.
Delete Deletes something at random. (Sprinkle shaker, safe spot, enemy, allies, etc)
Sprinkles (auto) They have their own sprinkles.
Auto (auto) An automatic skill from a job or a personality.

(ie. Backflip, Warm-up)

NO (passive) Cannot take more than 100 damage from a single attack. Neither can other enemies in the battle.

Spams Feline Frenzy and Giga Panacea at low health. Can be spared at 5% or less HP.(meaning that if a Kind Mii uses Spare, he will accept their mercy) The stats are the combined numerical values of all jobs at max lv and food buffs. The help can be the miis he has traveled with or just very powerful monsters he’s spared.