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Miitopia-Meow6 Miitopia-Meow6 2 May



Sorry for the repetitive uploads of images, it was just that I was struggling to get the right size of an enemy.

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Miitopia-Meow6 Miitopia-Meow6 18 April

For me to jot things down :3

  • get rid of the acquainted + relationship headining on the fairy pages✔
  • mischievous witch quotes and pranks ✔(mainly done)
  • fairy appearances??✔
  • create more secrets ✔ (made one more so far)
  • update npcs page ✔(for now)
  • upload slorm type monster✔
  • do a murderer type monster (fiend??) for my alt
  • the "miis" enemy page
  • update realm of the forgotten page ✔(for now)
    • will add when i need to🧝‍♀️
  • 24/4/2021 🎀
    • fey jewels (meaning east gate) items ➖(i have the pic)
    • neksdor page (kinda done but like i need to do the other places etc)
    • citrus cave ingress✔
    • more GRUB 🍔🥟🥟🧇🍠🥩
    • more npcs (mainly done?? idrk) 🌸
    • neksdor town matters
    • elven retreat eh (well i will do green-eyed lady perhaps lazybones and injured elf)
    • greenhorne is pretty irrelevant ?
    • nimbus, karkaton and powdered peaks se…

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Miitopia-Meow6 Miitopia-Meow6 24 October 2019

List Of Episode(and others) Thingys I Need To Do

You do NOT have to commet on this :D

Snow (Character)

Mia (Character)

Felix (Character)

Eps. 3

Poppy (Character)

(maybe make a wiki on this)

Edit Anna and Stars profiles for favourite food

Add stuff to Bakery

might turn this into a chaper story instead

Change profile pic and edit

Make a infobox on something

go on Peppa Pig Wiki and do some stuffs

Make a boy character in Mii Episodes

Painting one in Mii Episodes

Make 'The Long Dash Run' to put on the Leafy Cafe post

TBA :)

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Miitopia-Meow6 Miitopia-Meow6 21 October 2019

People, this wiki is literally DEAD

Guys, seriously. I am the oNLy person on the top thingy under the recent posts. Pleeeeeaseeeeee can we revive this wiki? Maybe we should ALL turn in to vampires to revive this wiki! (Make sure your past level 11 on miitopia to learn "Revive" :) But, yeah. (im still Italic lol) i wanna make this wiki good again and make sure its not gonna die twice, but maybe not. PLeaSE HELP ME PEEPS!



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Miitopia-Meow6 Miitopia-Meow6 25 August 2019

It is Impossible to get all of the songs

Hi guys! Just wanted to say it is impossible to finish miitopia fully because if you choose "Save Him" after you've defeated the "Great Sage" Darkest Lord, you can NEVER get song number 94. (the song when breaking the curse).And if you "break the curse", you never get song number 95 "Purging the Dark Curse" Just to let you know, bye bye! ^^

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