The Vyrodrone is a mechanical fanon monster with two versions, a 'normal' V1 form and a 'boss' V2 form.

Both can appear after completing 10 Neksdor quests, with V1 rarely appearing in completed stages and V2 being able to appear as a quest boss.


Vyrodrones are gold-colored with a Mii's eyes, eyebrows and nose. Lightning constantly discharges from behind it and two electrical orbs orbit it.

V1 is shaped like a Brand-New Robot, while V2 looks like the Robo-"Mii". V2 also has a second form resembling V1. In both, V1 has a single electric orb.


Vyrodrones are masters of thunder attacks and can inflict Paralysis, which prevents attacking and can only be cured with the Safe Spot or after 3 turns. Hyper Sprinkles overwrite it.

Actions (V1)

Action name Description
Smack Drives into a Mii for light damage.
Shock Wave Inflicts Paralysis on 1 Mii with a 50% chance for 3 turns.

Actions (V2)

Action name Description
Bolt Strikes a Mii with lightning, dealing damage.
Thunder Wave A wave of thunder inflicts Paralysis on the whole party with a 25% chance.
Target Targets two Miis with its lazer.
Golden Lazer Fires a mighty golden lazer at the target Miis, dealing heavy damage. Switches to charging form.
Ram Used when in charging form. Deals light damage to 3 random Miis.
Recharged! After 3 turns, switches to main form.

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