Wields a powerful sword and great for high damage and defense.


Lvl 1 Lvl 50 Lvl 50, best equipment,

& max food buffs

HP 12 310 409
MP 3 40 139
Attack 12 140 412
Magic 0 5 104
Defense 8 108 410
Speed 5 50 149


Bold denotes new skills

Skill Learned MP Cost Description Extra Notes
Jump Slash Lvl 3 5 "Jump up into the air and slice that enemy in half!"
Snap Out Of It Lvl 9 4 "When an ally is acting strangely, give them a quick nudge for them to stop." Removes status effects such as Crying and Laughter.
Spin Slash Lvl 10 7 "Use fierce power to slice all enemies at once."
Sword Slice-Up Lvl 12 7 "Slice and dice random enemies. Ouch." Hits random enemies 3 times.
Double Slash Lvl 13 7 "Slice two different monsters or one for combined damage."
Super Snap Out Of It Lvl 17 0 "A zero-MP skill that might nudge a fallen friend to revive. Doesn't always work." The Mii will revive with 5% of their max HP
Darkeye Slash Lvl 21 12 "Does heavy damage to foes if they possess eyes." Does 10% extra damage to foes if they have eyes.
Super Sword Slice-Up Lvl 29 17 "Slice in a huge rage random enemies." Hits random enemies six times.
Super Spin Slash Lvl 36 20 "Raise your sword and cut each monster's heart in two with this skill." An improved version of Spin slash. Does heavy damage to all foes.


  • The Super Spin Slash's description has references to Fire Emblem. "Raise your sword!" is one of Sigurd's critical hit quotes in Fire Emblem Heroes. "Cut each monster's heart in two" is a reference to one of the lines in Lost in Thoughts all Alone; "A double edge blade cuts your heart in two."
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