Wields powerful swords and is skilled at both attack and defense.

The Warrior is a Miitopia class that appears in Miitopia: Fiend's Call.


The Warrior retains its role of being a strong single-target damage dealer and protector. They can also take hits well and are well-rounded.

  • Their preferred weapons are Swords.
  • Their preferred equipment is Armor.


The skills Warriors can learn. Skills in bold are new skills added in Fiend's Call.

Skill Learned MP Description Extra Notes
Jump Slash Lv. 3 5 "Leap into the air, and slice down to strike an enemy from above."
Proud Protector Lv. 5 5 "Focus on defense to absorb the damage aimed at a friend." Reduces damage taken and protects a friend. May not protect resented Miis.
Snap Out of It Lv. 7 4 "Snap a friend out of it when they're not themselves. (auto)" Removes emotion-based status effects like Anger and Fearful.
Spin Slash Lv. 10 7 "Swing your sword in a big circle, striking all enemies in the vicinity."
Volcano Slash Lv. 15 10 "Heats up your sword and strikes a foe for fiery damage. (fire)"
Frigid Slash Lv. 15 10 "Cools down your sword and strikes a foe for freezing damage. (ice)"
'Voltic'Slash Lv. 15 10 "Charges your blade and fries an enemy. (thunder)"
Double Slash Lv. 17 7 "Unleash two powerful slashes in succession." Strikes two monsters for equal damage or one monster twice.
Darkeye Slash Lv. 22 12 "Slice an enemy, dealing heavy damage if they're wearing eyes." If a monster has 1 or more Eyes, deals +25% damage to it.
Super Snap Out of It Lv. 30 0 "Snap a fallen friend back into action with a whopper of a wake-up call." Costs no magic and may revive and restore 5% of their max HP.
Super Spin Slash Lv. 40 18 "Whirl your sword around in a large circle to mow down all enemies." Stronger form of Spin Slash, dealing more damage.
Excalibur Lv. 50 All "Use all of your power to inflict massive damage to one unlucky foe and two adjacent ones." The strongest Warrior skill, but costs all remaining MP, which must be refilled before it can be used again.
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